In 1989 Karen Nugent PT, CHT founded The Hand Physical Therapy Center of Marin, the first of its kind in Marin County. Since then we have grown into a thriving clinic that serves the special requirements of hand therapy patients in the area.

Our highly trained and skilled therapists are experts in treating problems of the hand and upper extremities, as well as issues throughout the body. Our services include physical therapy, hand therapy and Integrative Manual Therapy™.

We are recognized by the Marin medical community as being a leader in the field.  We provide state of the art technology with highly skilled hands on treatment and inventive, creative splint fabrication to provide the latest science based protocols and treatment plans.

Quite simply, we believe in going the extra mile for our patients. Unlike many large therapy centers, we never treat you like a number, but strive to give each individual the time and special attention they deserve.

We make it a point to answer all your questions and address any fears or concerns.