Within our practice, you will find a team of friendly, informative and knowledgeable staff, all of whom are here to make your experience comfortable, reassuring, and efficient.

Karen Nugent, PT, CHT, IMT, C

Karen founded The Hand & Physical Therapy Center of Marin in 1989. She has over 25 years of advanced training and is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist and Certified Integrative Manual Therapist. She has also developed ergonomic training programs and conducted individual workstation assessments for high profile corporate clients throughout the Bay Area. She has served as an instructor for the Neuroorthopedic Institute and Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation and is a nationally recognized speaker for the American Physical Therapy Association and American Society of Hand Therapists.

Karen has served on the board of the Hand Rehabilitation Section of the American Physical Therapy Association and has had her work published in the Journal of Hand Surgery, Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinics of North America and the Atlas of Clinical Reconstructive Microsurgery. She is an alumni of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and continues to be an active singer. In addition to her work with humans, she works in canine and equine rehabilitation.

Marcella Mastro, Office Manager

Marcella is a physical therapy enthusiast, having recovered from several injuries and surgeries in the past. After a lengthy career in interior design and personalized customer service on both coasts, she has shifted her interests to a supportive role for people seeking relief from pain and injury. Intuitive and cheerful, she enjoys being the front desk manager and believes in the healing effect of compassionate connection from the moment of initial contact.


Ollie has been a part of our care team and welcome committee since he was nine weeks old and was rescued by Karen. Now they have an inseparable bond. Ollie is professionally trained and has been certified as a service dog. He greets patients with a playful wag of the tail and enjoys quietly keeping them company during treatment. He thinks PT means Puppy Therapy and is happy to serve for tummy rubs and occasional treats.


Riley is our newly rescued therapy puppy in training. He is an inspiration for overcoming limitation as he trots along on three legs.

Katie and Jake, IN MEMORIUM

Dearly missed, both Katie and Jake have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. They live on in memory and heart.