“I can’t say enough about Karen and JIlda at Hand Therapy of Marin. I have experienced many therapies over the decades and these women are at the top of their game. They are highly skilled, as well as creative and innovative when called for. And you will be encouraged by their warmth and empathy. In addition, they are supported by Marcella, who cheerfully coordinates everything from scheduling and billing to serving tea! Count yourself lucky to have them on your rehabilitation team!”

– Sande K


” These are the nicest people you will ever meet. But even more importantly, they have a DEEP understanding of what a healthy hand is and to get it there. In my particular case, my neurologists have been alarmed over the past ten years as my right, primary hand became ever more twisted due to Parkinson’s. Again and again they referred me to physical therapists with limited results. But now, things are going in a very positive direction. The first thing Karen and Jilda did was to show my wife and I how Parkinson’s had been pulling my hand into an ever increasingly twisted shape. Not only have they stopped further damage, my hand is getting better. I see all kinds of hand problems being treated each time I visit the office. I am always amazed at how deep their understanding is. One thing is certain; a successful outcome is us getting better.”

– Gerald Q.


“I have been coming here for almost four months and it is a joy every time I’m there. Karen, Jilda, and Marcella are the nicest people you’ll ever meet and the amount that they have helped with my injury never fails to amaze me.”

– Jake C.


“I am only too happy to recommend The Hand & Physical Therapy Center of Marin. I was treated wonderfully, all of my appointments were set out in advance and easy to understand, and they are the most professional organization I could possibly have dealt with. Again, thank you!”

– Cap’n Doug


“I have been to The Hand & Physical Therapy Center of Marin twice for different injuries. I would not think of going anywhere else for my care. The professional and personal care I received from Karen was exceptional. The whole office staff (including the dogs!) are warm and welcoming. I was very sorry to leave, but happy that I was feeling so much better.”

– Vicki G.


“Karen and Jilda have the wide-ranging knowledge, expertise and professional chair sided manner to help you heal and recover to the other side of a hand or wrist injury. One year after broken wrist surgery, I am happy to be back to all my previous activities!”

– Sara B.


“I do not know what I would have done over the years without Karen and Jilda. They are both truly healers. I have had shoulder replacement and knee replacements. Words really cannot express my gratitude to both of them.”

– Janet J.